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Web references to related organisations

Czech space references

the Czech "National Space Plan"
Czech COSPAR committee
ESA web in Czech
Czech Space Office

Industry Associations with which CSA is in contact

Austrian space industry association - AUSTROSPACE
British space SME association - ASTOS
Confederation of Indian Industry - CII
European space SME association - SME4space
Italian space SME association - AIPAS
Portuguese space industry association - PROESPACO
Japanese industry association with a co-operation agreement with CSA  (mostly in Japanese)
Manten Project  (in English)
SMi Group Ltd

Space agencies with which CSA is in contact

Argentine space agency - CONAE
Brazilian Space Agency satellites (Portuguese)
Canadian Space Agency CSA-ASC
Chilean space agency ACE
Indian space agency - ISRO
Japanese space agency - JAXA
Malaysian space agency - ANGKASA
Mexican space agency - AEXA (Spanish)
Peruvian space agency - CONIDA (Spanish)
Spanish space organisation - CDTI
UK Space Agency
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