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Alliance members:

5M s.r.o.

5M s.r.o. is manufacturing company with own R&D department who specializes in composite production and bonded sandwich structures. 5M develops and produces epoxy adhesives for extra high strength bonds, epoxy resins for lamination, pultruded composite profiles and sandwich panels. 5M is strong focused at innovative process and new products. Certified ISO 9001:2001, 120 employees and 3000 m² production area included new hall for pultrusion technology.

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ADVACAM s.r.o.

ADVACAM is a high-tech spin-off SME of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (IEAP) CTU Prague and the CERN-Medipix Collaboration. It designs, develops and commercializes industrial applications of novel Medipix/Timepix detector CERN technology. Applications include space radiation, radiation effects testing, physics research, radiation imaging and radiotherapy. Advacam's miniaturized radiation cameras are deployed in LEO orbit on board the International Space Station ISS-NASA modules and in future spacecraft in frame of cooperation with the IEAP CTU and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Atos Mission Critical Systems - Space and Avionics

The Space and Avionics department of Atos' Mission Critical Systems organization offers software and hardware development and consultancy in the area of Ground Support for Space Applications, prototyping of electronic devices and systems, expertise in power supply systems, HW & SW test systems, satellite communication and mission control systems. Our skilled and experienced staff is ready to help you.

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AVX Corporation

AVX is a multinational company based in the U.S.A. and a part of the Japanese industrial group KYOCERA, a leading global manufacturer of passive electronic components. The company offers a wide range of products for various electronic applications from mobile phones, laptops and MP3 players, through the automotive industry to high-reliability aerospace and medical devices. AVX is the world's number one tantalum and niobium capacitor manufacturer with a market share of over 20%.

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BBT - Materials Processing s.r.o.

BBT - Materials Processing is a research, development and production company with extensive experience in crystal growth and material science and technology in space (Salyut 6-Sojuz, MIR, ISS), incl. development and manufacturing of apparatuses, devices, control systems and software. BBT is a supplier of crystal optics for infrared region (acousto-optics, polarizers, hyper-spectral imaging) up to 20 µm.

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BD SENSORS is a manufacturing company with its own R&D department, specialized in (1) Electronic Pressure Measurement Technology for all industrial applications and (2) Space Electronics design and manufacturing with more than 25 years proven "Space Heritage".

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EGGO Space s.r.o.

EGGO Space offers a wide range of services and expertise including testing of EEE components, Industrial Screen-printing & Recycling of contaminated substances. EGGO Test House benefits from vast experience in testing electrical, mechanical and life properties of electronic components as well as hybrid integrated circuits and their applications. The main range of Test Laboratory's activities consists of climatic, mechanical and life-time testing of components, parts and materials as well as interpretation and processing of results and defect analyses for electrical engineering and related industries. These tests serve customers from various industries including electrical, automotive and aerospace. The organization and Test Laboratory procedures comply with the provisions of the European Standard ÈSN EN ISO/IEC 17 025. The Test Laboratory was awarded the statute of a certified subcontractor for Electrotechnical Testing Institute, Prague.

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Evolving Systems Consulting s.r.o. is a software producer & hardware assembler, which provides flight software development for various satellite on-board instruments as well as data processing ground segment software. Delivers innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers in several countries. Company is active in the areas of Information, Communications, Control and Automation.

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Frentech Aerospace s.r.o.

Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. is a supplier of precision mechanical components and modules for aircraft and space industry. Company is equipped with up-to-date technology and software for performed business.

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Iguassu Software Systems a.s.

Iguassu Software Systems is a software development and consultancy company with extensive international experience including in ESA, Eumetsat and Galileo, selling its software products in Europe, Asia and Africa. Its main expertise is GNSS (mostly EGNOS/SBAS) and SSA (robotic telescopes, NEO and space debris detections, Fly-Eye telescope processing). We also worked on EGSE (SVM electric simulator study for Euclid) and recently on ground and on-board software for Ariane 6.

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L.K. Engineering s.r.o.

L.K. Engineering (LKE) focuses on design and detailed analysis services in area of industrial engineering. LKE provides services to diverse groups of clients including developers, owners, and design companies. By means of advanced computational technologies, deep knowledge, and own experience, LKE helps to increase competitiveness and reliability of customer's products while reducing development costs.

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Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.

Rigaku (former Reflex) offers expertise, R&D, and manufacturing of precise X-ray optic, and precise X-ray cameras for industry and scientific research. It also provides other services, including metrology, numerical simulations, data processing and visualisation, mechanical design and manufacturing.

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TOSEDA s.r.o.

TOSEDA s.r.o. is an SME providing contract research and development, small scale production of specialties and consultation services in the field of nanotechnologies and environmentally friendly technologies. The main activity includes custom design of novel polymeric materials for hi-tech applications in space and aerospace industries.

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TTS s.r.o.

TTS is a company with long experience in development and deposition of thin film sputtered layers , in circuit design and thin film layers applications in hybrid IC's, HCMOS IC's, sensors, and precise resistive networks technologies. Some of present members of TTS have been involved in thin film layer research since 1962. As a fully private and independent company, TTS is now the most experienced thin film deposition firm in Czech Republic and presently offers a wider variety of sputtered layers then any other Czech company.

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UNITES Systems a.s.

UNITES Systems a.s. is a Czech company founded 1991. Its main focus is on providing electronic test solutions and applications. Unites develops and produces test platforms equipped with own mechanics, hardware and software. It is also capable of providing applications on other standard platforms (such as NI, LTX, etc.). Main emphasis is on functional, In-circuit, semiconductor and discrete component testing for various industrial sectors with high-end electronics testing requirements such as: Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, Medical and Space.

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