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General information
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25th April 2008, Ministry of Transport,
Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 12/1222, Prague, Czech Republic
This workshop is being held as part of the SPACE4SME1 project, and is focused on industry of the PECS (Program for European Co-operating States) countries. Its aim is to give the industry of these countries the opportunity to discuss their experience and the pro's and con's of their individual approaches and to help ESA (European Space Agency) becoming more aware of their difficulties so that it can look for ways of improving their involvement in its activities.

Who should attend?
  • If you are a company or trade association from a European Co-Operating State and wish to learn from experience of others and share your own experience, if you are keen to discuss your national system of access to ESA projects and make suggestions on how to contribute better to ESA activities

  • If you are a company from an ESA Member State, that wishes to meet newcomers to ESA from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania, and take advantage of their skills and their enthusiasm to become involved in European space activities; win new partners, suppliers and service providers by sharing with them some of you know-how of ESA — before others do it for you; if you see the advantage of PECS companies providing added value work or service without increasing your ESA project budget (PECS funds are budgeted separately)

  • If you are an institutional authority representing your PECS country, and wish to present your position and plans in ESA and to find out the views of industry from the respective PECS countries in the context of the different approaches to the institutional organisation and national procedures

Whether you are a company or a national authority — the workshop is of high relevance to your interests. It will be the opportunity to discuss and debate with others who are facing similar issues and challenges to those of your organisation, and your contributions to the debate will be invaluable in helping to formulate the best possible support from both your national authorities and from ESA.

When and Where?
The workshop will be held on 25th April 2008, in Prague, in the historical building of the Ministry of Transport at the address below
Ministerstvo dopravy
nábř. L. Svobody 1222/12
110 15 Praha 1

Refreshments and warm lunch
Morning and afternoon snacks and warm lunch are offered courtesy of ESA.

For further information please contact:
Jitka Sturmova, Iguassu Software Systems,
+420 23535 1000,

Registration is free of charge

1 SPACE4SME is a study commissioned by ESA to the trade associations AIPAS and ASTOS that aims at better identifying SMEs' difficulties and the appropriate measures to overcome those difficulties.
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